El Greco


Calle Doreste y Molina, 38 35130 Puerto Rico (Mogán) Gran Canaria

Tel: +34 (928) 560 356
Fax: +34 (928) 560 037


Hotel El Greco a pocos metros de la playa de Puerto Rico en Gran Canaria

Calle Doreste y Molina, 38 - 35130 Puerto Rico (Mogán) Gran Canaria.
Tel: +34 (928) 560 356
Fax: +34 (928) 560 037


Vip Area

Vip Area

The second area is our VIP area. This very special area consists of 9 bungalows and 6 suites, and it is situated in a quiet and independent part of the hotel with its own reception and entrance. Its location is the perfect place to relax and rest surrounded by luxurious details.

This area is for the exclusive use of the guests accommodated there. Our VIP guests have at their disposal a heated pool in the garden of the bungalows and they can enjoy the luxury of a relaxing circuit in the modern Spa-pool in the garden of the suites.

Apart from their exclusive area our VIP guests are also free to use the large pool and the jacuzzi situated on the first floor of the apartments.

We have made every possible effort to ensure that our VIP guests are surrounded by all the comfort they deserve in order that they may enjoy a holiday without missing anything. Our aim is always to make sure that our guests are as satisfied as possible.

Área apartamentos

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Apartaments Area

Apartaments Area

The first one is made up of 71 apartments (32 one-bedroom apartments, 32 family type two-bedroom apartments, and 7 two-bedroom apartments Plus), all of which have a private terrace or balcony where you can enjoy late afternoons and the excellent climate in Puerto Rico.

This area has a large pool and a jacuzzi on the first floor with marvellous and privileged views.

Vip Area

Pool Snack Bar

The perfect place to eat something light and continue to enjoy the pool, since it is located just next to the main swimming pool.

Cool down  with privileged and wonderful sea views. The Snack Bar is the ideal place if you want to eat something light and quickly and at the same time enjoy the sunny day in Puerto Rico, which is almost guaranteed

La Cantina Restaurant

This is a theme restaurant, recreating a typical Spanish wine-cellar with an intimate atmosphere and a very unique decoration that makes you feel special and allows you to discover a part of the Spanish culture.

You may taste our creative dishes prepared with fresh and first quality products by fusing Italian, Spanish and Canarian cuisine.

The menu combines the most innovative dishes with the more traditional and most imaginative, as well as original desserts.

La Cantina offers an extensive wine list including Spanish, Italian and some French wines.

La Cantina Bar

Bar La Cantina is situated just at the entrance to El Greco. Here you can taste selective wines and elaborated plates in a classic and genteel atmosphere.

In our Tapas Bar we offer the most typical local dishes as well from other parts of the country.

The meal can be served with a wine from our extensive list of Spanish, Italian or French wines. As you know in Spain it is typical to go out for tapas, because this way you can try many dishes during the same meal.

Grill Restaurant

It is our restaurant par excellence, its history is its guarantee. Open since 1984, this restaurant has an unsurpassable reputation between our costumers in Puerto Rico because of the high quality cuisine and its charming outdoor terrace surrounded by green vegetation.

This restaurant specializes in meat and fish. Our well-known secret is our high quality products, offering a wide range of fresh meat, mainly coming from Avila. On a daily basis we also bring in freshly caught local fish, whenever the weather and the sea allow for fishing.

El Molino Restaurant

This restaurant is a new creation. It is located by the entrance to the hotel and created to offer authentic Italian dishes based on fresh pasta and pizza made daily by Italians Chefs.

We use only imported Italian products, from flour to the tomato sauce and cheese, with the intention that you can try the authentic Italian cuisine in the south of Gran Canaria.


The hotel El Greco has five superb facilities with the objective of that you may try the best traditional and foreign cuisine in thoughtfully designed environments to enjoy an unforgettable evening.

We are distinguished by the variety and quality of our kitchen, with emphasis on the quality of our raw materials and the refined service we provide our customers.

El Greco - Services

Wishing to offer our guests the maximum flexibility possible the hotel reception is open 24 hours as well as the private parking at the disposal of the guests. In the reception you will find our Cyber Centre with 3 computers and a public telephone (both at an extra charge).

Among our facilities we are very proud of the modern gymnasium for the use of our guests.

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